Welcome to Care for Disabled

I am a Girl Scout with Troop 1279 in Roseville, California. My Troop is in the Heart of Central California Council. Community service has been a core value of mine and I have had numerous opportunities to serve my community through my involvement with Interact Club, 4-H YES Program, Placer County Youth Commission and Girl Scouts. Learning about the needs and hardships of others who have been marginalized has humbled me. One of my passions in life is promoting the health and general well being of individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities.

Working on my Girl Scouts Silver Award exposed me to the physical and emotional needs of the physically and mentally handicapped in my immediate community of Roseville. For my Gold Award, I pursued my passion for helping this segment of our society by reaching out to those who live in developing nations and have limited access to resources.

My goal through this website is to promote social awareness about the challenges faced by the mentally and physically handicapped especially in impoverished regions around the world. This website has been developed to ensure the sustainability of my efforts in achieving this goal by highlighting my work in India, and educating others about the needs of the disabled in developing nations.


Mission is to make society conscious of our roles and responsibilities related to people with physical handicaps and mental retardation.Throughout history the causes of disability have been misunderstood. These misunderstandings have led to discrimination and mistreatment of the handicapped. My intent is to minimize challenges such as persistent stigma, discrimination and social exclusion that these individuals face. This website hopes to inspires others, who have a passion for the disabled, to come forward and support the disabled and the organizations that support the handicapped.


I have been a Girl Scout with my Troop ever since my family moved to Roseville in 2003. I have earned several awards and worked my way up the ranks from a Brownie to Junior to Cadette to Senior and now an Ambassador Scout. I have had a lot of fun along this journey and have made some great friends. In addition to learning critical life skills, I have also learned to improvise when I don’t have all my essentials around me. But most of all I have learned how to be a compassionate leader and help others who are less fortunate than me. Scouting has given me opportunities to volunteer my time working with and serving children, youth and adults with disabilities.


Partnering with Aim Higher Inc., a community based organization in my hometown for the Silver Award; and with SAMADHAN, a nonprofit organization based in India for the Gold Award has allowed me to incorporate and transition my passion for serving the disabled from my local community into the global arena. These projects/partnerships have exposed me to the vast inequities within our society. Confronting these injustices and my quest for serving the disabled has empowered me with a strong desire to make a difference in the world. To that effect, I have also established a nonprofit organization whose primary mission is to provide relief and assistance to the handicapped in the poor and underprivileged segments of our society.